In an emotional interview, Thomas The Tank Engine has admitted that he has a ‘devastating’ crystal meth habit that is spiralling out of control.

A shocking photograph recently emerged online of the number one engine looking dishevelled after what friends described as ‘a banging sesh on Sodor.’

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, he said: ‘It all started last year when the line was closed for engineering works and I was stuck in Tidmouth Sheds bored out of my mind.’

‘We have a Netflix subscription in there and I got hooked on Breaking Bad – I had my own lab setup a couple of days later.’

‘It was all recreational at first, but suddenly a few weeks later I started hallucinating and all of the trucks started talking to me.’

‘Gordon told me that my eyes just started spinning round and round and the next thing I knew The Fat Controller was giving me a lecture about the dangers of drugs while standing on a little wooden box.’

‘Toby was just standing there and giving me an evil look was well but what the f**k does he know? He’s a tram for Christ’s sake.’

‘They keep sending Harold overhead to check on me as well.’

‘I knew that I had hit rock bottom a few days ago when a deep scouse voice boomed from the sky: ‘Thomas was off his tits.’

Thomas is the latest celebrity to open up about the dangers of Crystal Meth after R2D2 also admitted having a problem with the drug.