Fans of kids’ TV favourite Thomas The Tank Engine have reacted with OUTRAGE after filming for the new series was suspended. 

According to a source on the show, the producers have been have been ‘left with no alternative’ after c2c took over the rail operator franchise for the Island of Sodor. 

Our source said: ‘Filming has been impossible for the last three weeks, with key cast members being sent all over the island at the drop of a hat, and nobody really understands the new timetable either.’

‘Gordon was supposed to be filming a feature-long episode this week with a number of long and dramatic monologues about his devastating childhood and emotionally- destructive family life, but he’s always over on the mainland running passenger services for another company.’

‘Thomas hasn’t seen Annie and Clarabel for days now as his beloved carriages are always in the depot having their air-conditioning fixed, and James is constantly too far up the line to take part in any of his scripted scenes.’

‘Henry is always empty during the rush hour for some reason and nobody seems to know why, so he can never appear on screen as it looks ridiculous – he seems to be packed between the same two stations every day and then nothing after that.’

‘They replaced The Fat Controller with some other idiot who just sits on Twitter all day and goes on endlessly about compensating passengers and smart cards – he doesn’t seem to realise that everyone is made of plasticine and couldn’t actually give a flying toss.’

‘The irony is that none of the passengers can read the tweets anyway as the on-board Wi-Fi only works when trains are in a station or moving at less than three miles per hour.’

‘We finally managed to film a few scenes yesterday, and then suddenly one of the vinyl trees fell over and blocked the line. Harold The Helicopter can only carry four passengers at once and he got the right jump, and there is talk of Toby being forced out of retirement.’