A tiger from Canewdon in Essex has been talking to Southend News Network about his decision to switch to a vegan diet. 

Jeremy Esso, a 7 year old who lives on a large farm in the village near Rochford, said that although he is finding them ‘a bit chewy,’ overall he is delighted with his choice.

He said: ‘One of my Facebook friends has been on at me for ages to go vegan, and so I invited her over for a chat about it.’

‘Within a few minutes my mind was made up, and I devoured her as an afternoon snack.’

‘She was a bit chewy at first, but the extra effort was worth it as her body apparently  had more than enough natural cholesterol to form the basis of a balanced diet.’

‘After this, I decided to visit as many vegan food exhibitions as possible and the choice has been overwhelming.’

‘To be fair, I’ve also tried a couple of vegetarians but they were nowhere near as tender.’

We asked Jeremy if he has had any difficulties identifying vegans so far.

He said: ‘Of course not – they usually drop it into conversation in the first sentence.’

‘Surprisingly, they are usually willing to be consumed whole just to make the point that a vegan diet is the best possible lifestyle choice.’

A spokesperson for the Vegan Action Guild said: ‘We are delighted to hear Jeremy’s story – it’s proof that veganism is most definitely the future.’

‘We’ve already convinced elephants all over the world to make the switch.’