The far-right activist Tommy Robinson has managed to get a new page on Facebook by taking advantage of a loophole in the social network’s rules. 

A page entitled ‘Tomy Robinsons’ has now appeared which appears to be promoting the childhood toy manufacturer and the British soft drinks company.

It is thought that he will switch the page to the proper name once it reaches one million followers.

According to the rules, there is nothing to stop people setting up pages about toys and soft drinks, in a similar manner to Britain First’s attempt to set up Britton First when they were banned from Facebook last year.

The page was full of interesting facts about much beloved British TV personality Fern Britton.

However, Tomy Robinsons may be short lived.

A few clues have already surfaced about the page’s true intentions, including a message stating that all Toot Toot Drivers should be sent back to Toot Toot Land.