A spokesperson for the BBC has confirmed that tonight’s episode of Question Time will be taking place behind closed doors as a result of a police warning of ‘severe crowd trouble.’

A source told us that four potential audience members had already been forced to pull out due to suffering a rage-related aneurysm in the last 24 hours due parliament’s rejection of a no-deal Brexit and a potential second referendum.

He added, ‘We were visited by the local violent disorder intelligence unit this morning, and they told us that Theresa May’s latest efforts to secure a Brexit deal meant that they would not be able to guarantee Fiona Bruce’s safety.’

‘Our first idea was to segregate the leavers and remainers and install safety netting, but that was rejected by the police as there would still be a risk of hard and soft Brexiteers trying to kick seven shades of shit out of each other.’

‘Therefore, we have been been forced to film tonight’s episode behind closed doors, with all questions read out by our special guest announcer Mr Tumble.’

‘It was either that or moving the whole thing to a neutral venue like Villa Park.’