The Southend ice rink will look like this one, but without the snow-covered mountain in the background.


Although many people in Southend are getting excited over the upcoming opening of an ice skating rink for the festive season, a large number of traders on Southend Seafront have called for it to be cancelled due to concerns that it could melt, with the water gushing down the High Street and flooding the seafront.

After the near-catastrophic floods in August 2013 that were caused by an extraordinary amount of rain falling on Southend in a short period, along with a similar issue a year later, business owners between Southend Pier and The Kursaal insist that the ice rink will pose ‘an unacceptable risk.’ Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused during this period, and 16 traders have come together to submit a petition to the council with objections to the planning application.

Boris Copper, owner of the Golden Carpet Amusement Arcade in Marine Parade, is leading the committee of traders that are trying to get the ice rink plans cancelled. He contacted the Southend News Network from his home in Florida to give us his reasons for opposing the rink. He said, ‘We estimate that the ice rink will contain 150,000,000 cubic litres of frozen water, and if someone pulls the plug out of the wall it could be like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow. All that water will rush down the High Street and hit the seafront, probably at High Tide. With nowhere else for the water to go, once again it will look like Atlantis down here. I reckon that my ‘How Strong Can You Punch And Show Everyone That You Are A Staffie Owning Troglodyte’ machine will probably float away as well, and this is worth £10,000 per month in revenue.’

However, it would appear that there are plans in place to deal with the ice rink melting and flooding the area. A spokesperson from South Essex Drainage confirmed to us that clearing the ice rink water would be the responsibility of the local council, while a local council spokesperson contacted us to say that it would be the responsibility of South Essex Drainage.



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  1. Boris Copper. What is the matter with you. You blind bigoted idiot.Get a life and stop making childish excuses.
    and if someone pulls the plug out of the wall. Yeah right as if the authorities will make it easy for them.

  2. The clue to a solution to this problem is in your caption to the photograph accompanying the article: For obvious economic reasons, the ice rink selected for installation was the one without the mountains in the background. For a little extra expense, the mountains would completely eliminate the risk of water flowing into buildings along the esplanade. Instead, it would be deflected among the coast to Shoebury, where the excess of water would not be problematic.