Tributes have been flooding in for the police officer Patrick Roberts who was violently murdered in a steel mill while trying to rescue a child who had been kidnapped.

Roberts died after following the kidnapper who police are now looking for – information is currently limited but cops are searching for an attacker with a German accent and a motorcycle.

Detectives believe the suspect may be linked to a report of indecent exposure and a brawl in a local bar a few days before Roberts died.

Local police chief Gerald Kapowski said: ‘Roberts was a top class officer, who carried out his duties with the highest amount of professionalism and attention to detail.’

‘In the short time that he was with the force, he was known for never letting his emotions get in the way of his police work – he was the sort of guy who would take a bullet or a number of bullets for anyone and just carry on keeping the public safe.’

‘We have received a number of reports from the scene that the attacker may have fallen into a large pit of molten steel, but these are currently unconfirmed.’

‘Forensic tests are being carried out on a pair of sunglasses that have been recovered, and CCTV footage has revealed that he spoke a few words of Spanish.’

It’s been a heavy crime week across the United States of America, and cops are also looking for what has been described as a ‘crudely designed robot’ who was witnessed destroying a book shop while rifling through a number of titles at high speed while shouting the word ‘input.’

It is believed that he may have had an accomplice called Stephanie.