Parents and children in Southend On Sea have blasted council bosses after a TOTAL BAN was announced for Trick or Treating over the Halloween period of 29th – 31st October. 

According to council chief Gary Ravitrain, local government was left with no other option after ‘tens of complaints’ were received from local residents about the potential for anti-social behaviour and repeats of the ‘killer clown’ craze. 

Mr Ravitrain added: ‘Many people will be disappointed by this announcement, but the final straw came earlier today when the local police constabulary said that we would have to foot the bill for extra officers over Halloween on the streets of Southend.’

‘A number of local businesses and residents have offered to come together and fund the extra policing, but the paperwork involved at this short notice would be a huge challenge. Trying to coordinate all of the emergency services would also be tricky.’

‘We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a cultural spectacular in the place of Trick or Treating in Chalkwell Park. For just £10 per ticket, adults and children can come along and celebrate Halloween in a safe, controlled and virtually alcohol-free environment.’

‘Village Scream will be all about showcasing local Halloween-related artists who already have the means to be showcased elsewhere. Guests are welcome to bring their own food up to the amount of one half-sandwich for safety reasons, but a variety of food stalls will be available on the night.’

‘Also, parents won’t have to worry about their kids having loads of sweets and chocolate – we are proud to be fighting childhood obesity in this manner.’
A spokesperson for Safer Southend confirmed that officers armed with tasers will be patrolling the streets around the time of Halloween to ensure that locals do not engage in Trick or Treating. 

Police have also informed Southend News Network that they will have a visible presence in local ‘red light’ streets as part of their annual ‘No Turning Tricks or Treats’ initiative.