The President of the United States Donald Trump has abruptly cut his visit to the United Kingdom short after he watched footage of three pensioners screaming ‘Stop Trump’ from a field in Cornwall.

TV crews swarmed all over the sleepy village of Forthenporth today after Marjorie Frollop, Doris Boris-Morris and Bert Quark held their own rally against the controversial leader of the Free World.

A source close to Trump said, ‘We were travelling in the motorcade across London, when all of a sudden the President noticed a segment on the TV news about the demonstration in Forthenporth.’

‘At this point, he turned to one of his aides and said, ‘Are there people in this country who don’t like me?’

‘That comes as a massive shock to me – in fact I have never been more flabbergasted about anything ever.’

‘That’s it then. We’d all better go home.’

‘They have well and truly stopped me.’