Kebab shop owners across Turkey have been expressing the anger on social media after the country’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ordered the destruction of more than 500,000 doner kebabs. 

It is thought that the president’s latest policy is a direct response to last week’s failed coup attempt, with the country’s doner kebab population mainly aligned with exiled ‘radical terrorist’ Ali Rhum Baba. 

Mr Rhum Baba has technically been in exile since January 2016 after he gave a speech at a protest rally in Ankara about how Erdoğan was directly responsible for the country’s tourism hotspots becoming ‘flooded’ with counterfeit sportswear from brands such as Addidoos, Nuke and Clalvin Kloon.

Fatih Bumbhoum is a spokesperson for Turkish Rights Watch, and she contacted Southend News Network earlier today. 

She said: ‘This is just the latest in a long line of ridiculous reactions from Erdoğan, and the shish and kofte minorities are now living in fear of what could possibly happen next.’

‘There are also unconfirmed reports that Erdoğan has contacted London Road Kebabs in Southend to demand the extradition of a Mixed Meat Special that ‘looked at him funny’ while on a state visit in 2015.’

‘It beggars belief that someone who wants to ethnically cleanse the country’s reserve of kebabs could also want to join the European Union.’