In one of their strongest messages yet that racist behaviour is unacceptable, UEFA have confirmed that the Bulgarian FA have been fined 58p and a packet of crisps over racist chants that were heard during tonight’s UEFA 2020 qualification match against England.

A spokesperson also said that the anti-racism banners will have their font sizes increased by ‘more than 5%’ before their next home game.

Jerome Robsonne added, ‘This is yet another example of our zero tolerance policy, and such an enormous fine of this nature will send a clear message that this type of behaviour is no longer acceptable.’

‘We’re not just asking for any old crisps. Something really thick like Kettle Chips. Really hit these bastards in the pocket.’

However, a representative of the Bulgarian Ultras insisted that there was not a single Nazi salute or monkey chant this evening.

He said, ‘The people on camera were actually pointing at a particularly interesting seagull, while simultaneously taking sips of a very hot cup of tea that were startling them somewhat.’