The UK Passport Office has issued a statement warning the public that passport photos with dog faces digitally added using Snapchat are not acceptable and will be rejected.

According to a source within the UKPO, an ‘unprecedented’ number of passport photos have been sent in during the first half of 2017, causing long delays within the system as each applicant has to be issued with a letter asking for new ones to be sent in.

The statement was released on their website this morning.

A spokesperson said: ‘The latest Snapchat trend is perfect for happy, funny social media posts, but we must remind the public that these photographs are entirely unsuitable from an international security perspective.’

‘Any images with these digital enhancements will be rejected at the first stage because it is highly unlikely that the applicant will have the same appearance when they reach the UK border, or any other border for that matter.’

Another photo that was rejected by the Passport Office

‘Also, anyone who signs the reverse with the phrase ‘I certify this photograph to be a true likeness of’ before adding the applicant’s name is leaving themselves open to prosecution, because it clearly isn’t.’

Melanie Canardly, a 31-year-old mum from Southend, told Southend News Network that her photos had been rejected because she ran out of time before sending them in.

She said: ‘I only remembered to send my application in after the photo place had shut in town, so I used Snapchat as that’s what I use for all my selfies.’

This image would have also breached the ‘no glasses’ rule

‘I always look a lot fitter with a digitally superimposed wet nose and floppy ears – I didn’t want the passport office people to think that I was some kind of minger.’