A spokesperson for the United Kingdom government has confirmed that all shipments of Cadbury Freddos to North Korea have been stopped with immediate effect. 

In a brief statement, junior minister Andrew Chompbury said that this was the latest and most serious sanction to be applied to the rogue state, and that it is a direct response to Kim Jong-Un’s recent H-Bomb test.

He added: ‘The North Korean administration purchases 100,000 Cadbury Freddos per week as they are used as incentives by the army and workers party for obedience and loyalty to Kim Jong-Un.’

‘By forcing the government to manufacture their own counterfeit Freddos instead, we estimate that it will cost the administration upwards of $200 million per years as the manufacturing process for them is incredibly complex.’

‘The moulds cost a bomb as well, if you pardon the pun.’

We asked Mr Chompbury if there are further sanctions planned.

He said: ‘We have been warned by the United Nations that we can’t stop sending Twiglets on humanitarian grounds.’

‘However, we have received written consent for our next consignment of Salt ‘n’ Shake crisps to be sent over there without the little blue packets inside – that will be our strongest message yet.’

A press release from the North Korean news agency KCNA said: ‘We are delighted that our people will no longer be able to enjoy this chocolate symbol of imperialist repression.’

‘We will now push forward with our own superior product, Solid Milk Chocolate Amphibian Of Unquestionable And Lifelong Loyalty And Obedience To Our Glorious Leader.’

‘Kim Il-Sung invented the Freddo anyway and he let Cadbury produce it because of his supreme generosity to humanity.’