Person voting

A spokesperson for the Electoral Commission has confirmed that an ‘in/out’ referendum on the United Kingdom’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest will be held later in 2018.

According to the official Eurovision Out campaign, the £350m per year that is spent by the British public on the Eurovision Song Contest should be reinvested in the NHS, armed forces, or the creation of a Britain-only musical competition.

However, supporters of the musical spectacular in Britain have argued that the so-called ‘Gay World Cup’ has been the only World Cup in 2018 that they could have actually gone to without being attacked by homophobic lunatics.

A Eurovision Out campaigner added, ‘It was all well and good when it started out, but Europe’s borders have become looser and looser, and now we have Australians just walking in.’

‘Give it a few months and we could probably chuck in some Islamophobia as well.’

The news was originally announced on Newsbiscuit.