UKIP is suffering another major embarrassment today after a junior official tried to book Alf Garnett to speak at the upcoming party conference. 

According to a source within the party, the member of staff involved contacted the BBC to make enquiries after viewing three minutes of an episode of Till Death Us Do Part on YouTube and thinking that it was Newsnight.

He added: ‘One of the new guys burst into the office shouting about this man he had found on the Internet who would apparently make the perfect speaker for the party conference.’

’He said that he had come across someone who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind about the dangers of immigration and the power of the unions.’

’He admired the fact that he was prepared to apparently say what everyone else was too afraid to say, and when he was told that booking Alf Garnett he was straight on the phone to ITV looking for that one from Love Thy Neighbour.’