A spokesperson for UKIP has confirmed that the political party will be reforming as an English folk music movement after losing more than 120 seats in the local elections.

It is thought that many MEPs will also join the ‘supergroup’ once their time at the European Parliament comes to an end because of Brexit.

Party spokesperson Jeremy Vulva-Thomas said, ‘The UKIP message will live on forever through a touring combination of folk music, morris dancing and jingly bits on sticks.’

‘We are actually looking upon these devastating election results as an opportunity, and not the inevitable crushing hammer blow that was always on the cards being a single issue party in a nation where everyone is starting to realise that this single issue is going to be an unbridled clusterfuck of the highest magnitude.’

A party source confirmed that their first chart release will be a special rendition of The Floral Dance featuring vocals from Nigel Farage and the newly-formed Teddington Tinklers.