A mum from Southend has issued an urgent appeal on Facebook after her pram was stollen from her Fairfax Drive home in the early hours of Boxing Day. 

According to the profile of Shell Garridge, 23, the Bugaboo Chavva 3400’s entire structure was replaced with marzipan, fruit bread and icing sugar. 

She made the discovery shortly before 9am on Boxing Day Morning, and she told our Chief Reporter that she realised that something was wrong when she put her son Matalan in there and the entire pram collapsed into a sponge-like heap on the porch floor.

She added: ‘I’m fumming. I’ve never fummed like this before in my whole life.’

‘How sick do you have to be to break into someone’s porch and convert an entire pram into a popular German Christmas delicacy?’

‘I should of known that there would be trouble when I got my flat hear – I saw a couple of foreign-looking people walking down the street and I let everyone know on ‘Southend Selling NO RULES do what you want what cud possibly go wrong.’

‘I loved that pram and it was a real struggle to buy it as the person I got it from had it on other sites as well and someone had already agreed to collect it from her but she hadn’t turned up and she wasn’t able to let her no.’

‘She had had had turned her messages off so she wasn’t getting inboxes and her notifications don’t always show up on her fone until she gets a top-up from the Indian shop on the corner.’

‘I’ve put a message up to find another pram and said that I don’t want no time wasters. That should stop anyone wasting my time.’