A 47-year-old van driver from Basildon has been awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for Scientific Discovery after he managed to create a parking space out of nothing.

According to members of the judging panel, Darryl Smith’s endeavours to create a space adjacent to an existing row of parking spaces in a pub car park ‘surpassed anything that those Large Hadron Collider and Hubble Telescope guys have ever achieved.’

Head Judge Jerome Robsonne said: ‘Every now and then, someone from humble beginnings comes along and manages to rewrite everything that physicists have ever known.’

‘Creating a parking space out of what seems like thin air has turned the world of science on its head.’

We caught up with Darryl shortly before the award presentation in Zurich, Switzerland, and he told our Chief Reporter that he hopes his discovery will lead to extra car park capacity around the world.

He added: ‘By leaving my long, wide vehicle in an area that is usually reserved for other vehicles that need to get around the car park, I have instantly increased the capacity.’

‘Just think how many car parks there are around the world where people are not making the best possible use of this dead space.’

‘If you look in any car park anywhere, people are afraid to use these non-marked areas as they are worried about being labelled as ‘thoughtless, arrogant pricks,’ and I hope that I have managed to remove this needless stigma.’

‘Everyone is saying that public transport is the answer to alleviate traffic and parking problems in our major towns and cities – they are wrong.’