A vigilante group has been set up to patrol a supermarket car park in Southend On Sea and catch people who use Parent and Toddler spaces without having a child in the car at the time.

Dark Auto Justice was set up three weeks ago by concerned citizen Michael Smith, and the organisation broadcasts live stings on Facebook where offending members of the public are confronted and detained while a member of the store’s security team is called.

However, security staff at the branch of Tesco have warned the group about the dangers of taking the legally unenforceable request into their own hands.

There are also concerns about the group’s chosen tactic of trawling chat rooms for Land Rover Discovery owners and grooming them into driving to the car park and committing the anti-social parking action.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, Michael even admitted that he persuaded an Overfinch driver to straddle three disabled spaces last week while using a cashpoint after posing as ‘Lulu,’ a 26 year old nail bar worker who gets sexually aroused by middle-aged men in unnecessarily large wanky 4×4 vehicles parking like a total cockwomble.

He added: ‘The most vulnerable people in society need protecting from this scum.’

‘Supermarket security resources have never been more stretched with recent downturns in sales revenue, so it is now up to citizens like me to patrol this car park and ensure that nobody abuses these spaces that have been set aside so that those with children don’t have to walk for more than 200 yards to reach the main entrance.’

‘Also, we all have personalised hoodies whenever we patrol the car park, so this makes everyone aware that it is very bad and they shouldn’t do it or they might end up on Facebook looking like a prat while a parent with children is mildly inconvenienced.’