Vote for Nikki: The pride of Southend!

She can sing, she can dance, and millions of people watched her wow the judges in a recent episode of The X-Factor, and Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY confirm that fans’ favourite Nikki Smudge actually visited Southend once on her seventh birthday, possibly.

The bubbly 23 year old is a strong favourite to reach the live shows, and although she has gathered a lot of support in her home town of Torquay, it turns out that she may also have quite a following in Southend.

Self-confessed Smudge megafan, Norris Leer, 58, currently runs Southend Fags, Mags, Bags and Gags in North Road, Westcliff, and he clearly remembers that a young Nikki Smudge visited his shop as part of her seventh birthday celebrations.

He recalls, ‘As soon as I saw her on TV the other night, I realised that a young girl with blonde hair visited my shop in the summer of 1999. This is when I realised that it was in fact Nikki Smudge. I saw her parents on the show as well, and she had a man and a woman with her in 1999 too – I have no doubt that it was her.’

We contacted representatives of Miss Smudge for a comment, and they assured us that ‘Nikki was definitely in Westcliff in the summer of 1999’ – Southend News Network has altered this quote for journalistic reasons to comply with acceptable press standards.

Bert Hysteria, council member for Culture, Arts and Reality Star Nurturing, feels that this is fantastic news for the town.

He said, ‘The list of reality TV superstars that may have possibly been to Southend, or at the very least seen the word ‘Southend’ on a sign or map, increases every single day. Rylan Clark is even from the same county, and this goes to show that Southend should definitely be in the running for Global Capital of Culture or the entire BBC Proms season of 2016.’


Who do you want to win the X-Factor this year?

  • Nikki Smudge – 89%
  • Donald Duck – 6%
  • Anyone from Southend – 100%

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