A spokesperson for Nestlé has confirmed that the manufacturer will cease production of Walnut Whips in March 2018 as the name promotes sexual violence against men.

According to the confectionary giant, a complaint was received that the name ‘Walnut Whip’ implies that a man is having one of his testicles attacked with a riding crop, and they feel that this sort of imagery is no longer suitable for selling chocolate nougat products in 2018.

He added: ‘Our researchers discovered that ‘walnut’ is one of the most common nicknames when people discuss a man’s sexual organs.’

‘We are also about to launch a consultation about renaming Breakaway bars as we have received complaints from a number of Remain voters.’

In other news, Cadbury chiefs have confirmed that a hunt is underway to find a new name for their Curlywurly bar as the existing name ‘conjures up imagery of pubic hair.’