Sexual equality campaigners have slammed a sign that has appeared on the A127 to warn all men that are on their way into Southend for a night out.

The board that says: ‘Think! Think Once. Think Twice. Think Bike!’ has been put up on the Southend-bound lane of the A127 before the Fairglen Interchange to make male nightclub revellers aware that the girl they are thinking of trying to pull may have already been with every other fella this side of the Dartford Bridge.

Deborah Clenge of the campaign group Equality Equality Now For Everyone told Southend News Network that the sign was a ‘disgrace.’

She added: ‘Whoever thought that this would be a good idea is clearly unfit to be in public office.’

‘On your average night in Southend, there are just as many men who have had their todger  in anything with a pulse, and often without.’

However, a spokesperson for the Essex Safety Partnership, the organisation who arranged for the sign to be displayed, defended the message.

Robert Wick-Dippington said: ‘What we are saying is that if a lady in a Southend club appears to be willing to grease your weasel after purchasing her a solitary WKD Blue, you may have inadvertently stumbled upon the town bike.’

‘Our advice on the matter is simple. If you are on the verge of gaining access to her lady garden, take a step back and think about it. Then think about it again. If by this point she is pulling down her top and asking if ‘you want to have a go on these,’ you may be advised to shop elsewhere.’

We asked regular Southend clubber Gaz Coqout if he would be heeding the message on the sign, and he said: ‘Nah mate. Any hole’s a goal innit.’