Two local children’s entertainers have held a birthday party for a stretch of traffic cones that have been in place on the A130 for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

Only in Essex.

For some stupid reason, the new-ish stretch of the A130 between the Fairglen Interchange and the A12 has had a long line of traffic cones on both sides for the past year after the mysteriously-wide hard shoulder was converted into a third lane in both directions.

However, shortly after the work was completed, the cones went up and nobody was allowed to use this new lane, and it has stayed like this for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

Is it not wide enough? Could Essex County Council only get insurance for two lanes in either direction? Is it being reserved for Land Rover owners? Who knows.

Anyway, to mark this very special birthday a pair of local kids’ party people Guy Gonzo and Crazy Legs decided to hold a roadside party, and one very lucky traffic cone was given the full works.

We must admit that giving one of the cones the ‘bump’ was a work of true comic genius.

To be fair, we get sent a lot of videos and story ideas on a regular basis – most of which are shite.

However, on this occasion we have to take our hats off to these two fellas.

When Mr Tumble decides to let showbiz go straight to his head and he is filmed doing a line off of his spotty bag while gesturing ‘booger sugar’ in Makaton, these two fellas will be next in line for CBeebies stardom.

Check them out – Guy Gonzo Children’s Entertainer Crazy Legs Children’s Entertainer (Facebook)Crazy Legs Children’s Entertainer (Website)