Let battle commence!

In a shock development that could rock the world of politics, the Essex Labour Group has today declared that they no longer have ‘a single shred of faith’ in the party leadership of Jeremy Corbyn – they have submitted an official request for popular Internet meme character ‘Bill’ to stand for nomination and are throwing their collective weight behind his candidacy.

ELG leader Hermione Rose spoke to a Southend News Network reporter, and she didn’t mince her words: ‘We have two primary aims that have been determined in recent meetings of our groups. First of all, we are going to insist that Mr Corbyn resigns his leadership of the Labour Party with immediate effect, and in the resulting leadership election we will be thrusting Bill into the limelight that he clearly deserves. Every time I see him pop up online, he is talking common sense in plain English, and these opinions could well have tipped the balance in our favour in the 2015 elections.’

She continued: ‘As a working Labour party group, we never voted for Jeremy in the first place, and besides we know that ‘Be Like Bill’ is a campaign-winning slogan that the hard-working general public will identify with – whether or not they understand it. Naturally there is very little substance to a lot of stuff that he comes out with, but we honestly don’t see this being a problem. As soon as he does some sort of meme about supporting Trident, this will get the public on his side.’

In the last hour, a number of major bookmakers have slashed the odds on Bill becoming the next party leader.