A weather warning has been issued to homes and businesses across South Essex after the latest forecast and metereological mapping statistics revealed that there is a 88% chance of the area being ‘effectively affected’ by Hurricane Gaston before next weekend. 

The storm is currently gathering on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and earlier this morning it was upgraded to a ‘Category 9’ weather event on the Richter Scale – this level has never been seen before due to this unit of measurement usually being reserved for earthquakes. 

Dr Eric Aydell of the Essex Metereological Alliance told Southend News Network that the storm could be even stormier than the Great Storm of 1987 when multiple milk floats were devastated across the county. 

He said: ‘Our computers have predicted that there will be a ‘strip’ of sucking pressure across South Essex and North Kent for the next 14 days, and this asymmetric Isobar value will mean that any approaching storm from the Atlantic will just be sucked towards it before being pushed off towards The Netherlands.’

‘Secondary turbulence remaining from the Clacton Airshow may even combine with the moving storm to create an incredibly dangerous situation.’

Jamie Anderson-Shelt is head of the Southend Borough Council Disastrous Consequences Team, and he confirmed that no evacuation orders have been put into place yet. 

He added: ‘In the event that an evacuation order has to be put into place for South Essex, the government’s Central Contingency Committee has already confirmed that the A127 and A13 will be closed to allow Red Cross, United Nations and Lidl lorries to reach the affected areas.’

‘Motorists will be signposted towards alternative routes that reach the M25, and both c2c and Greater Anglia have committed to putting on Bus Replacement Services in the form of trains.’

‘Both operators have a wealth of experience when it comes to getting towards London without using major fast routes.’

Southend resident Farquin Heal told our Chief Reporter that he would be staying put in his Fairfax Drive home no matter what happens. 

He also said: ‘This is just another load of fuss over nothing. If Hurricane Gaston was going to be that dangerous, why would they name it after the ladybird from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom?’

‘If it was going to do any serious damage, they would name it ‘Hurricane Hulk Hogan’ or ‘Hurricane Higgins.’