West Ham United fans have reacted angrily after going 2-0 down at home after ten minutes of a game that isn’t even being played due to the spread of Coronavirus.

The Hammers were due to play Wolves at the London Stadium on Sunday afternoon, and in spite of the cancellation fans, players and Premier League officials have been left baffled by David Moyes’ side conceding twice in the first ten minutes.

There are now calls for the board to resign, and a number of fans have broken into the ground to stand around the Directors Box and yell furious obscenities.

One source said, ‘Faaaaaacking hell we’ve just conceded a third. Where’s the faaaaaaaaacking defence. It’s like they’re all at home. Blimey guv.’

Under plans that were announced this week, it appears that West Ham will be relegated from the Premier League regardless of whether or not the season is completed.

FA chairman Reginald Fuckle said, ‘If they can’t finish in the top six with a free stadium they deserve to be in the fucking Vanarama. Their fans like vans anyway don’t they? Win win.’