Sapphire the King Charles Spaniel was well and truly in the doghouse when she tore open and consumed AN ENTIRE BOX of chocolate liqueurs!

Westcliff King Charles spaniel Sapphire, 6,  must have thought that Christmas had come early for her on Friday when she saw a wrapped-up gift that smelt of chocolate – a big no-no for dogs all year round! She seized the opportunity to pounce and destroy the gift wrapping, the shrink wrapping and even the cardboard box, and this is when her owners Dave and Caroline Palmer (in Fairfax Drive) walked into the room and found nothing but tattered packaging and one very sorry looking pooch that was full to bursting point with Courvoisier-filled chocolate delights.

Dave, 41, who works for Royal Mail, spoke to a Southend News Network reporter. He said, ‘This isn’t the first time that Sapphire has gone after something that could be very bad for her! We are always incredibly careful to make sure that this sort of package is out of reach, but we are still trying to find out how she managed to get hold of it – unless it was one of our two cats that she upset recently. We kept a very close eye on her for a couple of hours to make sure that she didn’t get any worse than just looking a little bit stuffed, and there was no sign of a hangover this morning!’

Caroline, 40, added, ‘You hear a lot of horror stories about dogs that manage to eat chocolate and then go on to be very ill, so we are happy that Sapphire is OK. We have already got her some cool stuff for Christmas, so hopefully she will be satisfied enough to keep her roving eyes away from my kids’ selection boxes!’

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