The new pedestrian camera that was installed today in Westcliff at the junction of the London Road and Hamlet Court Road (Google image captured today).

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Residents of Westcliff On Sea have reacted with OUTRAGE after a traffic light camera was mysteriously installed facing pedestrians at the junction between London Road and Hamlet Court Road, and a local council source confirmed that the camera is part of a trial to cut down on the number of people who are ‘dangerously and recklessly’ crossing the road when a ‘Red Man’ is showing – this is technically known as ‘jaywalking’ from a legal perspective. Although no arrests will be made during the trial, the source confirmed that certain offenders will receive a £60 penalty notice for ‘endangering traffic and motorists.’

The unnamed source said: ‘For a number of years now, we have been growing increasingly concerned at the number of people who are using this crossing without waiting for the ‘Green Man’ to appear, and since the beginning of January 2016 the council has seen more than 100 complaints arrive from drivers who are fed up with pedestrians who just think that it is acceptable to walk out into the road when traffic is passing – their main complaint is that if a motorist can be ‘flashed’ for driving through a red light, then surely a pedestrian should face a similar punishment. The technology is based on the system that detects when a car commits this offence, and it will flash twice to ensure that the offender is caught on camera at both the start and finish of the crossing.’

We asked them how the council would be able to effectively issue Penalty Charge Notices when human beings do not carry number plates, and they were adamant that this wouldn’t be a problem. ‘Shortly after the camera goes live on 1st March, we will be setting up a Facebook group called ‘Who’s Crossing Dangerously,’ and members of the public will be able to tag the people that they see in our images. For the first three months, the majority of offenders will just receive a letter from us explaining why they need to wait for the ‘Green Man’ before crossing – £60 fines will only be issued to people who are captured crossing illegally with children.’





  1. This is a disgrace as my 97-year old grandmother was given a ticket on this crossing.

    She tried to appeal pointing out that she hadn’t been jaywalking but was just incredibly slow on her zimmer frame and although had started to cross on the green man she just simply hadn’t been able to cross in time before the lights changed (several times).

    However, her appeal was rejected even though this could be clearly seen on all four of the CCTV cameras aimed at the crossing.

    She is now having to pay the fine at £1 /week out of her pension and is dreading her next visit to the shops.