Seriously, what sort of utter shitshow allows the accounts of 50 million fucking users to be compromised because of a flaw in their code?

Because of Facebook’s utter twattery, there are now 50 million people around the world who have had their privacy violated.

All of those bunny eared selfies. Leaked.

All of those identically filled rows of Tupperware along with details of whatever body part you ‘smashed’ today. Leaked.

All of those really vague threats against ‘you know who you are but I can’t say here because there are too many snakes.’ Leaked.

All of those five-word statuses that you posted with that stupid bastard tool that turns them into colourful titles because you are so desperate for fucking attention. Leaked.

All of those direct messages from your 58-year-old mum where the three dots were on the screen for about three days before she just said ‘OK.’ Leaked.

All of those images of your kids with half of their face hanging off and you asking if you think you should take them to A&E or Superdrug. Leaked.

So thanks a lot Facebook. Top fucking work.