Hatchimals are the hottest toy in the run-up to Christmas 2016, and a number of shops in South Essex have got in touch with Southend News Network to say that they have limited stock of the cute and furry animals if shoppers are quick! Read on to find out everything you need to know to get your hands on one …

All of the following information was correct at the time of going to press.

La Petite Merde Toy Shop, Leigh Lane, Leigh On Sea – At the time of writing, the owner has told us that he has a ‘reasonable amount’ of the purple and teal Hatchimals in stock for £59.99.

Roy’s Toys, Royston Avenue, Southend – On Saturday afternoon, owner Roy Royston confirmed that he has more than 100 of the white Hatchimals in stock at £59.99

Joy’s Toys, Joyston Avenue, Southend – Just before we wrote this article, the shop’s proprietor Joy Joyston told our Chief Reporter that she has a small number of the limited edition brown Hatchimal that was produced to promote the values of ethnic diversity. These are on sale for £99.99 each and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Sadlers Farm Boot Sale, Benfleet – For Sunday morning’s regular boot sale, stall owner Big Barry Pallet has informed us that he has a Ford Transit full of the green, pink, teal and purple Hotchimals on sale for £29.99 each on a first-come, first-served basis. He will also have a limited number of Thatchimals for £40 but these need to be asked for by name as they are kept off-display.

Argos, various branches – The chain’s regional director Henry Greenshield has asked us to inform our readers that while they may not have any Hatchimals in stock, children are more than welcome to browse through the rest of the Argos catalogue to choose an alternative gift that doesn’t make them seem like a greedy, trend-following, material and superficial little shit.

Southend Borough Waste Disposal Centre, Stock Road, Southend – Members of the public are welcome to visit the site on Sunday morning to rummage through the piles of waste material as someone somewhere must have thrown a Hatchimal in the bin while mistaking it for a way out of date pot of cottage cheese.

Someone’s laundry cupboard, any house with kids – Everyone knows that families hide their wrapped Christmas gifts at the back of the laundry cupboard, and nobody wants their Hatchimal-obsessed child to shed a tear on Christmas morning. Southend News Network cannot take responsibility for anyone doing a ‘Mission Impossible’ through someone’s roof for the sake of a sixty quid jumped-up Furby.