A spokesperson for the World Health Organisation has confirmed that putting one of those animal face filters on your Facebook and Snapchat images will not protect you from Coronavirus.

The announcement came after thousands of people in the United Kingdom took to social media and added a variety of cartoon fuckery to their selfies on social media because they were unable to find regular respiratory masks in the shops.

Jerome Robsonne added, ‘Although regular face protection may be useful to a limited extent in order to avoid transmission of the virus from one person to the next, making yourself look like you live in a branch of Pets At Home just makes you look like a bit of a bell end.’

‘You might think it’s making you look fitter, but anyone who says you still look hot is basically saying they are into animals, so you may want to think twice before meeting up.’

Michelle Garridge is a Facebook user from Southend, and she told us that she ‘wasn’t taking any chances.’

She said, ‘I’ve made sure to follow all of the mainstream media Facebook pages in the UK, so that I never miss any of the latest updates when someone is or isn’t diagnosed with it.’

‘All those ads won’t click themselves, after all.’