A few days ago, Southend News Network ran a ‘news story’ about plans to create a RED LIGHT DISTRICT on Hamlet Court Road in Westcliff – it turns out that there was an element of TRUTH somewhere in this story!

Many people read this story and thought ‘Why didn’t they just say the Kursaal Estate instead as that would have been more believable?’

The answer? Because residents in that area already spend enough of their lives taking sh*t from the rest of the town, and they don’t need it from us as well.

However, one of our council ‘moles’ contacted us to say that our story wasn’t as far fetched as they first thought. It turns out the idea of creating a regulated sex-worker area on the Kursaal Estate was actually discussed a while ago, and local councillors objected. 

Funnily enough, this ‘mole’ contacts us on a regular basis to say that so many of our stories have more than a grain of truth in them! 

Does this mean that Southend is in danger of becoming a parody of itself? Why the hell would anyone even consider taking an area with well-known difficulties and turning it into some sort of knocking shop equivalent of Lakeside?

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