A spokesperson for ITV has confirmed that ’emergency measures are being taken’ after 90’s TV star Wolf escaped from a Gladiators Veterans Internment Camp in Berkshire.

He added that the facility in Beenham had been affected by strong winds overnight, and that he had only decided to escape after local teenagers lured him out with a nudie photo of Ulrika Jonsson.

A witness said: ‘He’s been wandering around the town all day today, jumping out at small children and pretending like he’s a badass or something.’

‘I saw him in ASDA at around 10am trying to run up the wrong travelator, before he then wandered into the George section and started beating up a mannequin while screaming ‘f**k you Fashanu.’

In a statement, Thames Valley Police confirmed that they are currently negotiating with the star who has locked himself inside a Wild Bean Cafe.

They said: ‘We have offered him a place on Dancing On Ice 2019 if he comes along quietly.’