Police in Southend have confirmed that a 27-year-old woman was arrested on Tuesday night in Southend Town Centre after she was heard screaming a ‘homophobic insult’ at a male companion. 

PC Roger Peacie told our Chief Reporter that the incident took place shortly after 10pm. 

He added: ‘A female member of the public was heard arguing with someone who was thought to be her boyfriend.’

‘Although some strong language including ‘scumbag’ and ‘maggot’ was used, a local community support officer detected that no offences had been committed.’

‘However, I was forced to intervene when she loudly exclaimed that he was a ‘cheap lousy faggot.’ This homophobic language will not be tolerated in public as technically it is a hate crime.’

‘She was arrested and taken directly to Southend Police Station for questioning, and once she had calmed down she was issued with a police caution.’

‘We took into consideration that he had allegedly accused her of being a ‘slut’ with a penchant for heroin, but there is no excuse for such hateful language in public.’