A woman has declared the official end of a Facebook rant with the words ‘rant over’ this evening. 

Shortly after 6pm, Michelle Garridge thought it necessary to point out to the world where her diatribe about brown people in the town centre reached a conclusion by telling everyone so.

Afterwards, she said, ‘I was worried that if I didn’t give this clear and concise sign about the cessation of my angry outburst, people would be left in some sort of perpetual limbo about whether or not they could finish reading it.’

’The start of the next post in someone’s news feed might not be enough of a giveaway that my contribution was complete.’

Her friend Melanie Twank said, ‘I’m so grateful to her.’

’Without ‘rant over,’ I would have just sat there staring silently at my Galaxy S7 for the next eleven hours wondering why her rant wasn’t over.’

In a further development, Ms Garridge also confirmed that she ends all Facebook posts looking for recommendations with ‘Go’ just in case someone doesn’t know when to start commenting.