A woman from Southend On Sea has admitted that she is FURIOUS with Boots The Chemist after she purchased a home pregnancy test that stated that she was only 98.3% pregnant.

Michelle Garridge, 23, told Southend News Network that although she was excited about going out and buying some baby clothes, she was concerned that she might not be entirely pregnant, and therefore wasting her time.

She said, ‘I paid twenty quid for this as it had a digital readout, and therefore I assumed that it would be more accurate than the ones you get in Savers.’

‘I was impressed when I noticed that the bit you pee on is made of metal, and this made me think that it was professional like the ones they used in hospital.’

‘It even came with ten covers for the metal pee probe on the end, and I thought this meant that it can be used over and over again.’

‘I left it for five minutes, and it said that I was 98.3% – surely you are pregnant or you are not pregnant.’

‘To make sure, I got my boyfriend Texaco to pee on it as well, and his result was 98.9%! What are they playing at?’

A spokesperson for Boots has confirmed that the retailer is investigating.