Thousands of Wonga customers from all over the United Kingdom have rallied around the collapsed short-term lender to offer them the steam off their piss.

After the news spread that the company had fallen into administration, pledges of assistance flooded into the firm’s HQ.

Michelle Garridge borrowed 65p from Wonga for a copy of Take A Break in 2014, and she said, ‘Well they can swivel for the remaining £657.25 now.’

‘What are they going to do? Send the puppets after me?’

A spokesperson for the Financial Conduct Authority issued a statement to address previous customers with outstanding balances.

She said, ‘In ordinary circumstances, it has to be remembered that customers are liable for their debts when a lender collapses.’

‘Having said this, Wonga did behave like utter shitgibbons, and the fact they went under because people couldn’t pay them back due to a lack of suitable credit checking does sort of add to the shitgibbonry somewhat.’