There have been angry scenes at the World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace after a competitor scored more than 101 with six darts and immediately demanded a speedboat.

The Yorkshire rookie and number 124 in the world Graham Potterton was disqualified during his match with the Dutch superstar Gerkin Van Der Valk after he managed to score more than 101 with just six throws and then turned to the referee and screamed ‘where’s my fucking speedboat?’

Angry scenes followed his disqualification, and at one point he tried to reason with the tournament organisers by making his demands and giving them the time it takes for the board to spin around before making a decision.

It then emerged that all that is behind the professional dartboard is a collection of TV broadcast technical sheets and a nudie calendar signed by Eric Bristow.

After some time, he was only persuaded to leave the stage after William Hill offered him a bedside tea making machine and a sauna sarolium, along with a silver tankard containing £155 in cash and a small soft toy.

Fans of the tournament have been expressing their disgust on Twitter, with one saying: ‘I’m not watching any more of this shambles.’

’I will switch to that other wanky Darts thing they show on the BBC after Christmas.’

A member of the crowd was also angry, and was heard screaming ‘nur nur-nur-nur-nurrrrr nur-nur-nur-nurrrrr nur-nur-nur-nur-nurrrrr oy-oy-oy’ while repeatedly head butting the floor and somehow missing his mouth while trying to consume a Stella.