Arsenal fans went crazy today after manager Arsène Wenger signed Messi at a special event to promote awareness of Makaton. 

In front of a packed function room at Arsenal’s home stadium The Emirates, Wenger took to the stage and demonstrated his signing ability by making the correct gestures for M-E-S-S-I. 

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to Southend News Network, the Arsenal manager explained why he feels that being able to sign is so important. 

He said: ‘I was watching an episode of Something Special on CBeebies a few months ago, and I was very impressed with Mr Tumble and the way that he communicates effectively with Makaton.’

‘I wanted to take some time out from my hectic schedule of arranging transfers to lend my support to this very worthy cause. Someone in the crowd joked that we should sign Messi, so I was happy to oblige.’

In a separate development, a source within the club has revealed that Arsenal’s main bank account with Natwest has been hit with a £50 charge for ‘debit card inactivity.’

A representative from Natwest confirmed that they are unable to comment on individual client accounts, especially those that are more than a gajillion pounds in credit.