A 45-year-old man from Essex has been declared the World’s most interesting Facebook user after he checked-in at South Mimms Services on the M25 today. 

According to Barry Buttpiece from Rochford, arriving at the ‘sprawling Welcome Break metropolis’ was so immensely moving on a personal level that he immediately felt the need to give his entire friends list his exact geographic location.

He didn’t add a caption or comment as he wanted the powerful cartographical imagery of the M25 / A1 junction layout set against the backdrop of the London Colney countryside to ‘speak for itself.’

Mr Buttpiece added, ‘One minute you can be sipping a Starbucks Chai Latte, the next you are shoving a twenty in Rainbow Riches – this place is truly magical.’

’Look over there and you will even see a guy from Luton selling phone cases for £30 each – this place sees all life.’

‘Excuse me Sir, but are you in the AA? Oh really? Well fine then go break down but don’t come crying to me asshole.’

His friends have been reacting to his check-in with a huge amount of enthusiasm since his location became known.

One said, ‘Wow. You know what Barry? I’ve travelled every continent, but nothing quite compares to the majesty of a KFC Big Daddy Box Meal that is 20% more than everywhere else.’