A source within X-Factor at ITV has confirmed that a contestant had to be escorted out of the opening auditions for the show after he insisted upon singing with his penis and testicles on display through his trousers.

According to a member of the production team, the contestant said that having his genitalia on display made him feel ‘grounded and humble,’ in a similar manner to other contestants in the past who have decided to audition barefoot.

He said: ‘He walked into the studio and after the usual opening pleasantries, he proceeded to tell his very emotional backstory.’

‘He said that his grandfather had passed away just two weeks previously, and also that he had given him some vital career advice while he was on his death bed.’

‘Just as the judges started to have a thoughtful, considerate look on their faces, he announced that his parting piece of advice was that it was always best to sing with one’s penis and testicles open to the elements.’

‘Apparently those who sing with their modesty concealed feel nowhere near as liberated and creative as those who choose to perform with this form of partial nudity.’

‘To be fair, I’ve been to an invite-only version of Stars In Their Eyes at a well-known Essex nudist holiday camp and it was pretty spectacular, but naturally there are other factors to consider when preparing a TV show that goes out primetime on a Saturday and Sunday evening.’

‘Just as security were getting ready to pounce when he had his frank and beans in hand, the final straw for Simon was when he said he was going to sing You Raise Me Up by Westlife.’

‘His feet didn’t touch the ground after that.’