Millions of people have been taking to social media tonight to demonstrate how they have managed to smear something that looks like smooth diarrhoea and some chopped banana over a disc of flour, water and eggs.

Naturally each photographic extravaganza was more exciting and groundbreaking than the last.

What you don’t see on Facebook are the 342 aborted attempts beforehand that have ended up giving little Johnny third-degree facial burns after your flipping attempt when horribly wrong.

So, are you all expecting a Turner Prize or something? Is Tracey Emin throwing her arms in the air as we speak and declaring that she has had enough of the whole ‘art’ thing because of these culinary masterpieces?

We are straying into the territory of people who manage to cook a full English in their slow cooker, before documenting it image by image on Facebook like they have discovered a cure for cancer.

Still, at least you can make a massive pancake mess in the kitchen, and then tell everyone about how you managed to clear it all up using Zoflora – they probably have a pancake-scented version ready to go.

And another thing. Pancakes are simplicity in themselves to make, so why the hell is it an annual event?

Are you the same idiots who can only say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day?