A source close to kids TV actor Zippy has confirmed that the star is ‘devastated’ after a number of allegations were made relating to offences between 1974 and 1991 – he also revealed that detectives spent more than 10 hours questioning him ‘under caution’ on Friday. 

The major TV personality, whose real name is Norris Zipton-Thomas, is yet to speak publically about the investigation – it is thought that a statement will be released through his legal team shortly. 

His friend said: ‘I was with Norris at his Slough home when detectives arrived to take him in for questioning – he was so shocked that his jaw hit the floor and I had to zip it closed for his own safety.’

‘He was told that a fellow TV personality had come forward and made a number of allegations dating from 1974 right through to the beginning of the 1990’s.’

‘While he was waiting to be taken off to the police station, officers searched every corner of his home and it was a humiliating experience. A camera crew was following their every move and the director kept whispering ‘dirty puppet nonce’ – it was a disgrace.’

‘When he got home in the small hours of Saturday morning, he didn’t tell me much about it. All he said was that someone had anonymously reported him for ‘inappropriate touching while under bed covers during filming.’ It couldn’t have been Bungle as he passed away a few months ago.’

‘I think I know who has done this. I asked him myself this morning but he denied it. All he said was ‘n-n-n-n-no it wasn’t me.’

This isn’t the first time that Zippy’s behaviour has made news headlines in recent months. Back in March, staff at a branch of Harvester in Southend reported that he had been BANNED after consuming the entire contents of the salad bar including the bread trolley. 

He was also condemned by close family and friends last year when a video emerged of the actor and friend George Hippowicz taking cocaine and driving while under the influence.