It has been brought to our attention that East Norfolk Sixth Form College is actively blocking their pupils from accessing Southend News Network when using IT equipment that is connected to their network.

The site in Gorleston has 1600 pupils according to their official website, and we must protest against this blatant and unacceptable form of censorship.

One of our readers got in touch to complain after they were stopped from viewing our content, because apparently we fall into some kind of forbidden ‘Jokes and Humour’ category.

The mention of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) means that pupils connecting their own devices to their network are being stopped from accessing Southend News Network as well.

Is it because we say ‘fuck’ from time to time?

Is it because we told everyone that schools in Norfolk have an INCEST DAY instead of an INSET DAY at the start of term?

We decided to take this opportunity to point out why the college should reinstate access to Southend News Network at once.

SNN is a useful component of a rounded A-Level education because:

1 – It teaches students how to tell the difference between real news and fake news – something that Katie Hopkins seems to struggle with.

2 – It is a living, breathing example of how the mainstream media’s journalists often make crappy decisions about content based upon their own existing prejudices – just look at our incident with The Sun and the vegan baby.

3 – We cover the stories that the mainstream media are afraid to cover, mainly because they are entirely made up.

4 – Some people find it funny.

5 – The college allows students to access the Daily Mail’s website, which is 20 times more harmful than Southend News Network and they are a ‘proper journalism’ outlet for Christ’s sake.

When I was in sixth form, I spent many a happy hour in Computing lessons amusing myself with TV Go Home and similar pages, so it’s time for the college to lighten up a tad.

Happy to discuss this further at chaps …