A charitable appeal to raise money for a new suit for Nigel Farage after his milkshake attack in Newcastle has now reached £1300.

According to the campaign page, any extra money will be used to buy the leader of The Brexit Party a new Popemobile-style car so that he can continue on the campaign trail without the fear of being attacked with a dairy-based item.

The appeal can be viewed and shared here.

It says:

After the leader of The Brexit Party Nigel Farage was disgracefully attacked with a milkshake in Newcastle, I have decided to set up Nige Aid – an appeal to raise enough money for not only a new suit, but also an armoured Popemobile so he can continue to campaign ahead of the European Elections without fear of dairy-based assaults.

With the Rouble’s strength against the Pound at an all-time low, I have decided to step in and help raise £100,000 for this true British patriot.

I’m not talking about something off the peg from Matalan either – Nigel only wears the very best from Savile Row.

Popemobiles are also very expensive, but I am delighted to have raised more than £1200 so far – please donate and share as much as you can.

Don’t forget Gift Aid as well!

Members of the public have been leaving comments of support, including:

Need to protect Nige and all fascists from milk shake attack.

British milkshakes for British people.

More than £280 has also been raised in Gift Aid.

Once again, the appeal can be viewed and shared here.