Some fluttering kites ... that's KITES.

Although the BBC decided to remove our clip showing the ‘fluttering kite / fluttering c*nt’ video from YouTube, the whole sorry saga has been gathering pace across the Internet over the last 24 hours, and the staff at a company called Fluttering Kites in North London are not happy. According to their Managing Director Giannis Goudi, hundreds of wannabe Internet comedians have been calling the company today and asking for ‘a fluttering c**t’ – the situation has apparently got so bad that a distressed member of staff has been sent home.

The company decided to open a Twitter account today to try and address the problem:

Naturally at Southend News Network we were quick to offer our support, and Mr Goudi responded to offer his own version of events. Because we feel (partially) responsible for creating this sh*tstorm, we were happy to oblige.

‘We are a company based near Barnet, London called Fluttering Kites, we’ve been importing and selling kites to order since 1979, mainly from the kite ‘capitals’ of Taiwan (Republic of China), Corfu (Greece), and South Korea.’

‘A couple of our more well-known customers include former politician David Mellor, pianist Bobby Crush, and Tennis/TV’s Annabel Croft.’

‘Since this unfortunate slip from the BBC, we’ve been inundated with calls to our sales line asking for a ‘rude’ version of a fluttering kite. Many people think they are being funny, but it just wastes our time and clogs up the phone line for genuine Kite enquiries.’

‘We’d like to send our best regards to Chris Jarvis, the presenter involved, and do not believe he purposely tried to darken the waters of our good name. We wish him well.’

‘One strange outcome of this is that we were originally reluctant to use social media as a company, yet with today’s activities it has brought us kicking and (literally) screaming into it.’

The Internet is a strange place, and if an unfortunate comparison between a fun child’s toy and the most vulgar term for a lady’s rude area helps to propel these guys into the world of social media then at least some good will come out of all the mischief.

If by some chance the plight of Giannis and his staff makes it onto the BBC, perhaps the Beeb will see how well-meaning we are and reinstate our clip on YouTube! We apologised when apparently ‘thousands’ of people called a beauty salon in the Midlands and asked for ‘head,’ and we are sort-of apologising now as well …