We honestly thought that this was all going to be a temporary blip in the Facebook system somewhere, but we are still getting messages from people saying that our Facebook page is being ‘related’ to Jayda Fransen’s personal page on the social media network. Just in case you were not aware of this lady, she is the deputy leader of Britain First – the well-known ‘political party’ who seem hell bent on sending this country back to the f*cking stone age with inflammatory and frankly dangerous racist and fascist activities both online and in the real world.

Their leader Paul Golding has just been sent to prison for eight weeks for threatening behaviour towards an Imam, and here we are at Southend News Network getting lumped into the same category as these people.

Take a look at this latest example that was very kindly sent in by one of our readers Neil Summers and you will see why we are even more pissed off this time!

You can see the bottom section of one of our semi-humourous images, and right underneath in the ‘related’ box you will see the suggestion that Neil should also like Jayda’s page with a lovely banner about a march exposing Muslim grooming gangs in Telford. Yep, that won’t incite a single bit of good ol’ hatred will it?

Is this all part of Facebook’s master plan to squash fake news? Are they trying to say that our true objective in life is to ‘get are british back from the imagrunts?’ Bollocks it is.

We’ve already made it clear that we have lampooned this sort of utter fuckwittery on a number of occasions, and on a sort-of related level we have also recently set up a petition to get the Daily Mail reclassified as fake news – more than 2,500 signatures in just three days!

On a completely unrelated level, we have also released a Christmas protest song all about the Dartford Crossing, but we have to mention it every five seconds because that’s showbiz innit.

So just to recap, Southend News Network is a fake news website that has a little bit of left-wing, a little bit of right-wing, and a little bit of centrist (whatever the hell that is). It is NOT extreme-right, fascist, racist or anything else of that general nature.

We may be wrong here. Perhaps Jayda Fransen is some sort of fake news website.