The ex-senior editor of Breitbart News and self-described ‘cultural libertarian’ Milo Yiannopoulos has just used his live YouTube channel to read out an entire Southend News Network story to his thousands of followers and report it as fact.

He is well-known for his far-right views and is often in the mainstream media for coming out with something controversial, and in the captured clip below you will see that he has decided to get his knickers in a twist and ‘do a Hopkins‘ about a story that we published in October 2017 entitled ‘NHS forced to offer cervical smear test to men after landmark legal case.’

You can read the original story here, and here you can see Milo furiously going off on one about feminists and the NHS wasting thousands of taxpayers’ cash on this ridiculous procedure for men.


As per usual there were a number of clues in the story to indicate that it might be total and utter bollocks, including:

The man who complained was ‘Nathan Grange-Vulva, a fairtrade coffee shop owner and men’s rights activist from Leigh On Sea.’

The senior doctor was ‘Southend Hospital’s Chief Clinician of Clinical Clinics Sir Henrietta Fuch-Weet.’

The story ends by saying that men will now be offered smear tests via their rectal cavity.

Milo may decide to take the video down, but just in case he doesn’t the original was uploaded here and the segment begins at 53:20.

To be fair to the guy, he delivers our content very well in a manner that balances authority and drama to absolute perfection.

Special thanks must go to Jason Pilley from Leigh On Sea for spotting this …