Any regular followers of the official c2c Rail Twitter account will already know that you often get a corker of an excuse when things go tits-up on the line, and on Sunday morning once again they somehow managed to raise the bar. In all fairness it was probably a legitimate excuse, but it was still pretty funny nonetheless.


It makes you wonder what the back-up plan may be when an engineering train decides to stick two fingers up and grind to a halt. Is there a back-up back-up train that can sort things out Thomas and Gordon-style? Is there another engineering train that can be deployed to go and collect the original engineering train?

We suspect that this is the case, but at the same time if that other train decided to go wrong it would be like the cat that caught the rat that lived in the house that Julian built!

If you are suffering on the c2c (or Greater Anglia) this morning and you can come up with the better excuse then please drop us a tweet on @SouthendNewsNet – it would be good to feel some Twitter love for a change as it’s all Facebook Facebook Facebook these days!

The guys over at c2c Customers on Facebook deserve a special mention as well. This ever-growing group is a fantastic source of information and entertainment all about the daily grind on the route that seems to be lurching little-by-little back to its old title of ‘The Misery Line.’