The slightly right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins has announced that she is going to be embarking upon a tour of schools in November to talk to 14-16 year old children about spotting fake news and other political topics, even though in 2016 she failed to spot that our news story about closing the M25 for a whole week to let people jog around it was essentially bollocks.

She then proceeded to read out great chunks of it word for word to millions of people listening to her LBC Radio show at the time. Best Saturday morning ever.

Just in case you need a little reminder of this joyous occasion, here is the original Southend News Network story and the audio clip of Hopkins making an utter tit of herself.


The so-called ‘Stand Proud’ tour promises to give Key Stage 4 children guidance in a number of important areas, and we had to laugh when we read the very first point.

We’re actually disappointed about her choice of case study here. Surely it would have been better to use one called ‘The Time When I Announced That The M25 Would Be Closed For One Whole Week Live On LBC Radio And Didn’t Realise That It Was Fake Even Though The Story Quoted An MP Called Jeremy Spunkton.’

Who is a ‘trusted source?’ Clearly Southend News Network.

We’ve tried making this point to her on Twitter but without success so far. Now there’s a shocker.

Here’s the entire programme just in case you are a teacher with pupils of that age who might benefit from her expertise:

To be fair, if Katie Hopkins comes to your school and you mention the M25 incident to her face to face while recording the whole thing with a smartphone, you will be rewarded VERY handsomely.

I’m talking actual cash monies here. More than enough for a few cans of Red Bull and a bag of Maltesers, let me tell you …